A former primary school teacher has published her debut children’s book, Sleepy Lee.

Clementine Withy was born in Carshalton, but was raised by her grandmother in Antigua, before returning to London where she lived in Balham with her mother and sisters.

The family moved to Enfield during her pre-teen years and she has lived there ever since.

She explains: “Sleepy Lee is the first part of a children’s tale, about a wealthy man who is unable to sleep.

“After spending a fortune on failed remedies, he embarks on a desperate quest for a cure.

“His search takes him on an adventure which transforms him.

“However, changes to his village, and the people of Sleepyville, will greatly surprise him when he wakes.

“The main character is not a child but reflects the effects of childhood; the bullying, lack of affection and money.”

Clementine has had some poems published in the American Press, and this is her first children’s book, aimed at those aged seven to 10, and she is already working on her second.

“Writing has always been a passion because it is like painting with words and attempting to break away from convention or tradition.”

Sleepy Lee is available on Amazon.