Enfield Southgate MP Bambos Charalambous has given his backing to ending the UK’s contribution to climate change.

Mr Charalambous has signed a letter to the prime minister stating that the UK should set a target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

This means emissions of the harmful gases – which have been shown to contribute to global warming – would be cut to as close to zero as possible.

Any remaining greenhouse gases would be soaked up from the atmosphere by measures such as planting trees.

A group of constituents from an interfaith delegation based in Enfield Southgate recently met with the MP to thank him for speaking up on climate change.

Tony Sheen, a constituent and member of a local group of supporters of the international development charity Cafod, said: “We’re delighted that Bambos has signed up to this letter.

“Climate change is important to me and other residents of Enfield Southgate because we have a duty of care of the earth we live in, so it’s great to see his voice added to the list of MPs to supporting stronger climate targets.”

A recent poll by Opinium showed a clear majority (64 per cent) of UK adults believe the UK should aim to cut its emissions to zero over the next few decades.

Mr Charalambous said: “Climate change is the biggest long-term threat facing us and will particularly hit the world’s poor the hardest.

“We need to call on British ingenuity and innovation to help find solutions to reduce our emissions and for the UK to play its part in the world, cleaning our air by cutting emissions to zero, restoring our natural habitats and valued places and in so doing storing carbon emissions from the air.”