A new play is launched this month at the Tristan Bates theatre, starring a group of London’s up and coming writers and actors. One of these rising creatives is Kwame Asiedu, a 27 year old actor and director from Tottenham.

Invisible Light, which premiered on July 17, was directed by Kwame and is a provoking, moving and satirical piece commenting on the current political world climate.

America’s president has created volatile discourse, race relations are at boiling point within several communities, the #MeToo movement has brought a combustive mix of vastly opposing mind-sets to the forefront of discussion, and mental health has silently grown into an epidemic. Is juxtaposed against the new glossy age of technology and social media where appearance dictate sense of worth.

Having grown up in Tottenham, Kwame has since gone on to attend Actors Temple, Identity Drama School and Anthony Meindl’s Actors Workshop as well as the Young Vic Directors Program.

He says: “I have always been interested in performing, but interest in theatre began three years ago, when I left a life in the city for the arts. Going forward I hope to learn, understand and develop my artistic voice to create thought provoking work that tells a story for the voiceless and marginalised.”

He adds of Invisible Light: “We decided to create our own opportunities, work collaboratively, be vulnerable, push ourselves and commit to a journey that reflected our experiences and identities whilst also trying to be the best example we could set for others.”