My Kaleidoscope is the first solo exhibition in London from Tim Stocks, an artist with Asperger Syndrome.

Tim describes this exhibition as “my life in colour”, inspired by how he views the world around him as a man with Asperger syndrome. He is continually referencing the world around him. He describes his references as a fusion of “the imagination of cinema, the theatre of politics and the beauty of young men”.

Tim moved to London 10 years ago from Kent. The city inspired him and fired his imagination. but the relationship with the man that brought him to London faltered. Tim struggles with anxiety and his move to painting was part of his coping mechanism.

His process is to work with a bold black marker outline and fills his always large canvases with vibrant acrylic colours. This is the technique that comic illustrators employ and has led to his work being likened to comic book graphics. Tim describes the work as being akin to Japanese Manga but with a contemporary twist. His comedic flair within the paintings helps him to find ways to present challenging information and ideas.

Key pieces in the exhibition include Basquiat, James Last and a piece called African Leaders, inspired by Robert Mugabe’s cling to power in Zimbabwe.

Tim incorporate iconography within these pictures which help him to tell stories. This is another key trait of Tim’s work. He is giving us an insight into how Asperger syndrome brings links and associations to his mind, central to the way he conceptualizes ideas and images. The dictionary defines Kaleidoscope as a constantly changing pattern or sequence of elements, perhaps the title reflects his thought process as much as his output.

The exhibition is on show at Karamel, 4 Coburg Road, London N22 6UJ, until August 3 with a Private Viewing on July 19 at 6pm.