Parking penalties in Enfield are set to rise from August, the council has confirmed.

The level of penalty charge notices for on and off-street parking is set to rise to a maximum of £130 and a minimum of £80.

At the current levels, the highest charges are £110 and lowest are £60.

It follows the council’s adoption of band A charges – a move that has been approved by the Mayor of London and the Transport Secretary.

Band A charges have tended to be focused in central London and other urban areas with high parking pressures, while band B charges have usually been applied in outer London.

The council said the tariff changes were necessary to enable effective enforcement against unlawfully parked vehicles and other traffic contraventions.

It added that improved compliance “will be essential to successfully increase the level of cycling in the borough” following the roll-out of cycle routes in Enfield.

At a cabinet meeting last night (Wednesday, July 4) one of the cabinet members present asked if it would be possible to look at using some of the money raised from the increased penalties to improve enforcement around schools.

Officers confirmed they could look at prioritising spending to ramp up their efforts to crack down on traffic offenders close to schools.

The measures were approved and will take effect from August 1.