A politician claims residents in Enfield and Haringey struggle to get doctor’s appointments and lack access to mental health services.

This week marks the 70th anniversary of the NHS which was created by Aneurin Bevan on July 5, 1948 and London politicians were quick to comment on what they thought about the NHS in the capital.

Joanne McCartney, Labour London Assembly member for Enfield and Haringey, said: “My constituents often report the increasing difficulty of being able to book an appointment with their GP and lack of access to mental health services.”

“The emergency services and the A&E departments of our local hospitals are also lacking the resources they need to cope with unprecedented demand.”

Major hospitals in Enfield are the Cavell, Kings Oak and Chase Farm hospitals; in Haringey they are Highgate Private Hospital and Hornsey Central Neighbourhood Health Centre.

In 2013 Chase Hospital A&E closed.

Ms McCartney was quick to criticise the Government for the NHS’s faults.

She said: “The Government needs to act fast to ensure that there is an investment strategy in place that will go towards undoing the damage of the cuts they have made, restore adequate staffing levels in hospitals and futureproof our health service in the wake of Brexit.

“This is a slippery slope, making room for more aggressive privatisation and less accessible healthcare for the most vulnerable Londoners.”

But despite criticisms, Ms McCartney praised the role of the NHS plays in the capital.

She said: “All Londoners have stories of how they have benefitted from the NHS at some stage in their lives. It has become ingrained into the fabric of our city, and it would be difficult to imagine life without it.”

Other London politicians from across the political spectrum also praised the NHS.

Conservative London Assembly member Andrew Boff called it a “fantastic innovation” and Labour London Assembly member for Harrow, Navin Shah said: “The NHS has always attracted the world’s brightest and best to its workforce, and this has played a significant role in shaping the diversity and cultural identity of our city.”

Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat London Assembly member, said: “The benefits of the NHS are simple, a first-class health service, free at the point of delivery.”

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