British presenter, broadcaster and journalist Jeremy Vine will be making his acting debut in a brand new musical adaptation of David Walliams’ book, Mr Stink.

The production in which he will make his cameo appearance is being presented by Chickenshed, in Southgate, from July 18 to August 6.

Chickenshed’s production of Mr Stink follows last year’s successful adaptation of The Midnight Gang.

David Walliams himself says: “Chickenshed is quite rightly a legendary theatre company, not just for its inclusivity but also the incredible quality of its work.

“Their production of my book The Midnight Gang was beautiful, and made me laugh and cry in equal measure.

“Do try and see it and all the work of Chickenshed Theatre if you can. Chickenshed is probably the most important theatre company in the world”

The very kind, but lonely, 12 year old Chloe invites the homeless Mr Stink and his dog, Duchess, to leave behind the wooden bench where they have taken up residence and secretly move into her family’s shed.

Matters become more complicated when Chloe’s mother – who has unfulfilled political ambitions – tries to take credit for Chloe’s generosity. And precisely who is Mr Stink, anyway?

Chickenshed Theatre, Chase Side, Southgate, N14 4PE, Wednesday, July 18 to Sunday, August 5. Details: 020 8292 9222,