Popular Enfield Labour leader Cllr Doug Taylor has been ousted by a young councillor with only three years’ experience in a shock election result.

Cllr Taylor, who had been Labour group leader for eight years, lost by a narrow margin of 24 votes to 22 to Jubilee ward councillor Nesil Caliskan at the group’s annual general meeting (AGM) last night (May 14), according to sources on social media.

It means Cllr Caliskan – who was first elected in a by-election in May 2015 – is likely to be voted in as the next leader of Enfield Council when the council meets on May 23.

The shock result comes despite Labour’s strong showing in Enfield’s local election on May 3, winning five seats from the Conservatives and increasing its majority to 29.

The victory for Cllr Caliskan – said to be closer to the party’s right wing than Cllr Taylor – follows a leftward shift in neighbouring Haringey, where Momentum member Joseph Ejiofor was elected leader.

A spokesperson for the Enfield Momentum steering group said: “The Momentum steering group had supported Doug Taylor’s leadership and galvanised its members to support his leadership.

“A lot of councillors were keen for a continuation of someone who is moderate and has demonstrated leadership.

“There was a strength of feeling that he was a stable and dependable leader that the electorate could vote for.”

During her time as councillor, Cllr Caliskan has served as the vice-chair of the child and adolescent mental health service scrutiny workstream.

She has also been appointed to the child sexual exploitation and associated risk to children and young people task group.

The Labour group is set to re-convene for a second part of the AGM on Wednesday (May 16).

Enfield Labour has been approached for comment.