Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is trying to do more to help young black men into employment.

He says existing methods of supporting the community do not go far enough - but wants to change that.

Mr Khan has launched the Mayor’s Workforce Integration Network to tackle race inequalities and unemployment levels of young black men in the capital.

It focuses on helping young black men get into jobs in the construction and digital sectors, as well as calling on businesses to attract and retain talent from all backgrounds.

According to research by the Greater London Authority (GLA), young black men have one of the highest unemployment rates in London.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr Khan said: “It is clear that existing methods of supporting young black men into employment are not going far enough.

"We need to be bolder and work together with employers to ensure all Londoners are able to access jobs, reach their potential and unlock their talent.”

Research from the UK Data Service also shows that black men aged 16 to 24 make up just eight per cent of the construction sector, compared to 83.5 per cent of young white men.

Employers will be encouraged to increase representation by properly signposting vacancies to Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) applicants and run campaigns focused on recruiting young black men.

City Hall will also establish a network of so called ‘BAME peer ambassadors’ who will encourage young BAME Londoners to pursue careers.