Bloodsucking creatures which can leave people with serious blisters and a temperature are invading England.

People are being warned about one of the UK's most irritating pets - the Blandford fly.

As the weather warms up the critters are more likely to be out and about, and are most common in May and June.

They look similar to a normal fly, but it thrives in warm weather and is most common in May and June.

Its nasty bite can make people seriously ill, with painful blisters, swelling and a fever.

Some of the most serious reactions include swelling in the groin, a fever and blistering.

But if you develop an allergy to the fly your reaction could be far more severe - including stomach cramps and inability to eat food.

There are some things you can do to counter the effect of the bite - and it must be treated quickly.

Clean it and dry it gently, and do not scratch it as it could cause it to become infected.

Apply a cold compress or a calamine lotion to cool it down, but never use anthistamine creams as this can cause a skin reaction.