Enfield’s Liberal Democrats have pledged to reform “unpopular and expensive policies” such as Cycle Enfield in their first manifesto in more than a decade.

The party is confident it can win seats in the borough as it looks to capitalise on divisive issues such as Brexit, which the majority of Londoners – including most of those in Enfield – voted against.

Taking aim at Cycle Enfield – a scheme to create a network of cycle lanes across the borough – the Lib Dems are calling for lanes to be designed in co-operation with local communities rather than “imposed” on them by the council.

The party has also pledged to address “serious safety concerns” along the route and provide extra parking in areas where construction is underway.

On housing, the Lib Dems want to create a council-owned housing partnership to manage council-owned homes and build new properties.

They have also pledged to ensure the rights and interests of tenants are protected and promoted in any new housing policy.

In education policy, the party has pledged to protect schools from cuts, including any reduction in the pupil premium.

The Government’s controversial academies programme also lies in the Lib Dems’ sights, with the party committing to give more control over schools back to the local authority.

On policing, the party is planning to boost community policing, increase support for victims, and focus on encouraging pro-social behaviour and discouraging anti-social behaviour.

With 56 per cent of people in Enfield having voted to remain in the EU referendum – compared to a national figure of 48 per cent – the Liberal Democrats are banking on Brexit to be a decisive local issue.

The party’s manifesto states that voting for Conservative councillors will be interpreted by “Boris’s Brexiteers” as support for their hard-Brexit stance.

Lib Dems have been campaigning locally to stay in the customs union and the single market, and to protect the freedoms to travel and work in the European Union.

Dave Mitchell, chairman of Enfield Liberal Democrats and candidate for Southgate Green ward, said: “With the launch of our local election manifesto the Lib Dems in Enfield are making a serious play for seats on the council.

“With a failing Tory Government in Westminster, Labour think they can get away with rolling out unpopular and expensive policies like Cycle Enfield without being held to account. Well they can’t! The Lib Dems are here and we’re here to stay.

“With this policy programme, we not only have the energy but the ideas and vision to lead a new way forward in Enfield, and we invite citizens across the borough to join us in this fight.”