A wildlife garden that has been plagued with vandalism has been fitted with security gates in a bid to halt the stem of anti-social behaviour.

Debris from drug and alcohol abuse, damaged shrubs and flowers and even an arson attack have been discovered at the Wildlife Garden in Bush Hill Park, Enfield, as the place has steadily become a magnet for vandalism.

Now, security gates have been installed at the entrance thanks to a campaign from the Friends of Bush Hill Park group, Enfield Council and The Enfield Society.

Co-chairwoman of the Friends group, Carole Stanley, said: “Now that we can lock the garden at night we have begun the refurbishment. It has such potential to become a wildlife haven, yet is only minutes away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

“We have replaced the raised pond with two new ponds at ground level using reclaimed water tanks. And where the old pond was sited, we have planted an apple tree in a wildflower meadow with some natural seating. The tree is dedicated to Maria Tolly, in recognition of her ten years’ service with the Friends Group.”

The group is optimistic that the destruction of the pond, littering and vandalism will become a thing of the past because the garden can be locked during the hours of darkness - when the worst anti-social behaviour occurs.

Councillor Chris Bond said: “I hope that the official launch will make more people aware of this lovely natural feature on their doorstep. It would be great if more people came forward to help the Friends group with their plans for further improvements, such as repairing the bug hotel and making more bird and bat boxes.”

The Friends of Bush Hill Park are looking for extra helpers and urged people to get in touch.

To find out more go to: www.friendsofbushhillpark.org.uk