A group representing people who lease their homes from Haringey Council is calling for the authority to provide leaseholders with a fair deal.

The Love Lane Leaseholders Association says the Council should honour commitments it made in the Love Lane Residents’ Charter.

In their opinion the Council is ‘buying cheap, selling dear and ripping off leaseholders’, and is trying to move them off the estate and out of Haringey or trying to profiteer from those who wish to stay.

Maria Henoa, chairman of the Love Lane Leaseholders’ Association, said: “Far too little, far too late. The offer falls short of what we were hoping for and is yet another example of the shoddy treatment leaseholders have come to expect from the Council.”

According to the group details of the leasehold option, which would enable leaseholders to move to a similar property in the borough, have not been provided.

A spokesperson for Haringey Council said: “We aim to provide leaseholders living on Love Lane a fair and generous compensation package as part of our plans to transform the area. This is why we are consulting on our offer and have conducted a series of meetings and workshops with leaseholders living on the estate.

“This offer includes a guaranteed right of return, full market value for the property, a generous compensation package and support to help them into another home on the estate or elsewhere in the borough. The proposed offer exceeds our legal obligations and is more than many other London boroughs offer.

“The property value will be independently assessed - we are committed to ensuring that no resident is left financially worse off and there is an affordable option so leaseholders can remain on the estate if they want to. We would encourage all leaseholders to give us their views before the consultation closes this week.”