A new café where people meet to try to solve contemporary problems over tea, coffee and cake is to open.

The Enfield Philosophy Café at the Dugdale Centre opens on Friday 9 February.

Former university lecturer Alan Murray, who also helps run the Enfield Poets stanza group, is giving people a place where they can discuss debates in philosophy and apply them to modern day problems.

Alan said: “My professional background is in philosophy. I did my first degree at Middlesex University and part of my PhD thesis there too. I also taught philosophy at the university for a couple of years.

“I wasn’t too sure whether there was going to be much interest in the Enfield Philosophy Café when I came up with the idea, but there clearly is.

“I’ve had an extraordinary response actually, both on social media and through the website.

“So far I’ve got about 20 confirmed attendees.

“I think there’s an appetite for discussion as changes in society have taken place in recent years. The idea of the Café is to create a space where people can sit down and discuss important issues in a rational way.”

Alan will introduce the theme of each café with a short presentation on a central philosophical debate.

A group discussion on how those ideas relate to the modern world will follow.

People will be expected to listen to each other with patience and respect, and not to interrupt or talk over someone else.

Contact Alan Murray at alan@enfieldphilosophycafe.com for further information.