A fan of Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues discovered that anyone is able to put on the show in their area during the month of February.

Yasmin Noel-Smith, a teacher from Enfield, looked for the production online as she was considering going to see it again, and discovered that these February ‘V Day Events’ anbled anyone to get free access to the rights and script.

“Eve Ensler encourages communities to put it on all over the world,” Yasmin explains. “Because it is a global movement you must make money for charity that supports women in your local area, it can’t be a national organisation. Ten per cent goes to their official charity Spotlight.”

Yasmin put a call out on Love Your Doorstep, who identified the charity, Enfield Women’s Centre, and also asked for people to get involved. Also from Love Your Doorstep organisations came forward, so we have around 10 businesses who all offered raffle prizes to help raise more money.

The show will take place at Zippola cafe in Enfield in February 13, who let the group have the space for free, but unfortunately the event is already sold out.

Debbie Dean from the creative company Art Start came forward and is going to make table vagina decorations for the event. Chuen-Yan ‘Yan’ from Bake Off is even going to bake some fortune cookies that look a little bit like vaginas.

“We then got these 11 women ranging from their 20s to 70s and all from the area,” Yasmin tells me. “Everyone chose the monologues they wanted to do or ones that resonated with them.”

To learn more about V-Day and its campaigns visit vday.org.