A campaign aimed at increasing the number of people registered to vote in May’s local elections comes a century after women’s suffrage success.

Enfield Council launched My Vote Enfield on Tuesday February 6 100 years to the day after some women were given voting rights by an Act of Parliament.

My Vote Enfield makes people living in the borough’s 63 wards aware that by registering to vote they will be able to have their say on who represents them after Thursday May 3.

Enfield Council will send Household Information letters to homes from February 9 to confirm the names of people on the electoral register.

To register to vote people need their national insurance number, date of birth, address, and full name.

The process takes around five minutes to complete.

If already registered it is not necessary to do so again unless residents have changed their name, nationality or address.

Ian Davis, Enfield Council’s chief executive, said: “This year is very important in the history of democracy – it’s 100 years since the Representation of the People Act, marking the moment when some women were finally, after years of campaigning, given the right to vote.

“Whilst much inequality remained this was a watershed moment in the UK.

“If you are not already registered to vote but are eligible to do so, why don’t you make 2018 your year of action?

“Your ward councillor represents you, provides a voice for the community and can help improve your local services.

“They engage with organisations such as the police, schools and health bodies.

“If you want your views to be heard, please make sure you turn up to vote on May 3.”

To vote in local council elections people have to be at least 18-years-old on polling day, a British citizen, a qualifying commonwealth citizen or a citizen of the European Union.

The deadline for receiving applications for registration is Tuesday 17 April.

Go to www.gov.uk/register-to-vote or call Electoral Services on 020 8379 8588 to register.