London Fire Brigade has welcomed a victory in their Total Recalls campaign.

The government has plans to launch a public database of potentially deadly faulty white goods.

Almost one fire a day in the capital involves white goods.

For the past two years the Brigade has been asking the Government to make changes so that white goods are safer.

This includes making it easier for consumers to check whether they own potentially dangerous goods through a centrally managed database.

The Government will form a new Office for Product Safety and Standards after recommendations from the Product Recall and Safety Working Group.

One aim will be to set up ‘a comprehensive database of corrective actions and recall programmes for consumer goods’.

Charlie Pugsey, the Brigade’s deputy assistant commissioner for fire safety, said: “This is a huge success for our Total Recalls campaign, which has been calling on the Government to make it easier for people to check whether they are using a faulty appliance.

“Consumers need to be able to check quickly and easily if they have a potentially deadly appliance in their home – and this announcement appears to be a very positive step in the right direction.

“There is still more to be done though.

"We also want to see greater regulation of second-hand appliances, changes to the way fridges and freezers are manufactured and the inclusion of sleeping as a factor in risk assessment - and we will continue to campaign for all of these measures."