Brother and sister Matt and Joanna Osborn and their friend Ryan Wheeler are travelling over 2,500 miles across India in a motorised three-wheeled rickshaw, otherwise known as a Tuk-tuk.

The team of three is one of 70 competing in 2018’s India Rickshaw Challenge.

They have two weeks from Saturday April 1 to cross the finish line and are raising money for Frank Water Projects.

Frank Water is a charity working in India to deliver safe, clean drinking water and sanitation to the country’s most deprived areas.

Joanna said: “These days we find it’s a real struggle to grab people’s attention especially when it comes to fundraising.

“There are tonnes of great causes and events going on that are truly worthy of peoples’ time and donations.

“We decided to go big and do something a little crazy to stand out from the crowd, and that is where the Rickshaw Run comes in.

“We had heard ominous stories about it from friends of friends and it seemed like a completely ludicrous idea, which made it the perfect choice of endeavour for us.”

The Rickshaw Challenge starts in the southern city of Kochi in the state of Kerala, and finishes in the Rajasthan state city Jaisalmer.

Joanna continued: “Only two of our team can legally drive a car and I have never successfully ridden a scooter or anything similar to a rickshaw in my life, so you could say that we are starting with a slight disadvantage.

“We haven’t found anyone in the UK with a Tuk-tuk that we can practise on yet, so we’re resorting to watching videos on YouTube.

“We’ve gone with the motto of ‘no route, no plan, no clue’.

“Whatever madness lies ahead we are all very excited to be throwing ourselves into a wholly unsuitable vehicle to traverse the Indian subcontinent for a good cause.”

It is possible to follow the group’s progress on their blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @PickleRickshaw.