Travellers evicted from illegal encampments at two privately owned sites despite visible ‘Danger of Death’ signs left behind a trail of debris and rubbish when evicted.

From Saturday December 9 Travellers illegally occupied UK Power Networks' Tatem Park electricity sub-station, next to the A10, in Enfield.

UK Power Networks served legal eviction notices, and the Travellers left the area over a week after first setting up camp.

A UK Power Networks spokesman, said: “We began legal proceedings to remove trespassers from this substation and prevent further fly tipping, which had taken place following its illegal occupation.

“The trespassers left on Monday December 18.

“We have now secured the substation and increased security around it and will now clear it up.”

A second illegal Traveller settlement grew up at the ThamesWater owned Highfield pumping station at Carpenter Gardens in Winchmore Hill from Saturday December 16.

ThamesWater took the same action as UK Power Networks and issued legal notices to end the Travellers unlawful occupation.

An eviction order was issued on Tuesday December 19.

According to ThamesWater, the Travellers had left by 10am on Wednesday December 20.

ThamesWater has since secured the site and strengthened the access gate to make sure that illegal entries do not happen in the future.

Specialist contractors have removed the rubbish left behind.

A ThamesWater spokesman, said: Following an illegal occupation at our Highfield pumping station by travellers last week, we took immediate action to have them evicted.

"We've increased our security to prevent further illegal entries from taking place."