Dance and fitness staff from a studio in Enfield have made their annual trip to central London to help the homeless at Christmas.

Fitness Vibe, which runs classes in Southgate and Winchmore Hill, has organised an appeal for clothes, blankets and other necessities from its members for the past five years.

A team led by managing director Akile Alexander packed the donated goods that included sleeping bags, underwear, and dog food to St Martins-in-the-Fields at the north-east corner of Trafalgar Square on Sunday December 10.

Only a pink jumper remained at the end of the three-hour session.

Akile Alexander, said: “We went out on the day when it snowed quite heavily because we thought that was when people would need our help the most.

“In the build up to the day we sent out messages to people who come to our various fitness classes asking for donations.

“They gave blankets, scarfs, thermal socks, hats and gloves, toiletries and other such items.

“We loaded ourselves up and travelled to central London where we set up camp.

“Once word got out that we were there more and more people started coming until we felt like we were being mobbed.

“There were a few homeless people in wheelchairs who were finding it difficult to reach us, so we went to them.

“One of the most common things we were asked for was underwear.”

Fitness Vibe has been running dance and fitness classes for people of all ages since 2005.

Classes include street dance, cheerleading, trampolining, tennis, Latin Ballroom and aerobics.

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