The search is on for this pup’s owner after a street sweeper found him wandering Enfield.

The dog– who has been named ‘Noel’ – has no microchip or ownership details on his collar.

He was discovered in South Street, Ponders End, on Thursday, December 14.

Enfield Council is keen to find his rightful owner, although they have had dozens of offers to take him.

Daniel Anderson, Enfield Council cabinet member for environment, said: “We have all been moved by Noel’s story and Enfield Council has been overwhelmed by the expressions of concern from the public and interest in the puppy’s well-being.

“I am happy to say that Noel seems happy and healthy and we will ensure that he is cared for by the proper authorities.

“The rules on dog micro-chipping are quite clear and it is a shame that Noel has not had the consideration he deserves.

“It is now a legal requirement for all dogs over eight weeks old to be micro-chipped.

“So, if your dog does not have a micro-chip and you do not comply with a served notice you could face a fine of £500.

“The law is there to protect your dog and members of the public.

“So, please, if you are a dog owner, do what’s right for your dog and the community.”

Anyone with information can get in touch with the Council through Twitter @EnfieldCouncil.