Winter preparations have been completed.

Enfield Council’s Highway team has 1,000 tonnes of grit at its disposal should snow and ice arrive.

Important driving routes have also been identified which will be made safe for motorists, bus drivers and other vehicle users.

Cllr Daniel Anderson, Enfield Council’s cabinet member for environment, said: “Residents should rest assured that our dedicated teams will help keep our roads safe if cold and icy weather conditions hit the borough.

“We have two dedicated weather stations to keep us well-informed and we are prepared for various scenarios.

“We also have plenty of grit in stock to see us through the winter season with a London-wide salt reserve to be called upon if required.

“We are ready for whatever Jack Frost is planning to bring to Enfield.”

Precautionary-salt stops ice and snow forming on roads, while post-salting melts snow and ice already laying on roads.

In the 2016/17 winter season 1,200km of road was gritted, with gritters out on the streets more than 60 times.

The same period saw 930 tonnes of salt used.

Enfield Council has 1,000 tonnes of salt available and can secure hundreds more if needed.

The Council is encouraging the public to keep up to date with weather advice from The Met Office at for tips on safety and preparing for a colder climate.

These include:

• Topping up anti-freeze screen wash

• Checking tyres

• Thinking about winter kit for cars

• Consider alternative commuting plans for severe weather

• Checking central heating

• Consider how to access vital information if a storm takes out power and phone lines

• Check pipes are insulated

• Know where the stoptap/stopcock is

• Check whether at risk of flooding

• Have some freezer-friendly foods ready for times of bad weather

• Get a flu jab

For information about gritted routes and snow clearance visit