Trump may have been the President of the USA for a month, but he has already sparked a great deal of controversy over his attempts to ban Muslims from entering the country and cutting funding and research on abortion.

The businessman is continually dominating the media all around the world and it has inevitably led to protests and plays being written in response to the political situation happening in the world at the moment.

However, any similarity to actual current events in Chickenshed’s latest show, Trumpets And Raspberries, is purely coincidental...

Comedian Rob Crouch is starring as Italian political figure Gianni Agnelli, who is injured in a failed kidnap attempt and rescued by Antonio, one of his employees, who is also played by Rob.

Antonio flees the scene when people start shooting at him, leaving his jacket on Agnelli’s body. The rich Agnelli is taken to hospital in Antonio’s jacket, where he mistakenly has his face reconstructed in the poor Antonio’s likeness and finds himself the chief suspect in a kidnap plot - against himself.

The play will be the first major staging of the rarely seen work by Dario Fo, who was one of the key figures of European theatre and literature of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Rob is familiar with playing iconic characters and recently finished touring the sell-out play, Oliver Reed: Wild Thing, where he played the legendary womanising actor, who was known for his role as Bill Sykes in the 1968 musical Oliver!

Rob also worked with Ricky Gervais two years ago in the television show Galavant, which aired on the American network ABC, but is now treading the boards as the two lead characters in director Lou Stein’s latest production at the inclusive theatre.

The 45-year-old explains why the show will not be what people expect and how the audience will be surprised when he enters the stage wearing a gorilla suit…

He says: “It is a very specialised show, but essentially the themes are about money and political power.

“We talked a lot about Trump when we were rehearsing, so I imagine he may be the person that springs to everyone else’s minds when they watch the show too, but it is about the Italian political figure, Gianni Agnelli and is written in a broad and farcical style.

“I would say the show is aimed at people aged at least 14-years-old, but it does appeal to everyone and has been a challenging part to take on.

“Lou Stein is the reason I wanted to get involved in the show, as I have known him a number of years. I was already aware of Chickenshed any way and like their work, so wanted to get involved.”

After growing up in Buckhurst Hill, in Essex, Rob studied theatre arts at Goldsmith University, in New Cross, but admits comedy was something he just drifted into.

He explains: “Comedy is easier to break into, rather than drama as serious stuff is more difficult.

“I began by making sketches and podcasts, which went onto Youtube and it all sort of developed from there, as I started doing comedy shows in London.

“In this day and age of social media and the internet, you cannot expect people to call you and instantly give you a show, you have to put yourself out there.”

Dividing his time between acting and looking after his 17 month old daughter, he has no plans to slow down.

He says: “I will do anything in terms of my acting. I see myself as a jobbing actor and an all-rounder, which keeps it exciting.

“Working with Ricky Gervais was certainly interesting. I worked with him on one episode of Galavant, so we didn’t become great mates. On set he is just what you expect, very warm and friendly and knows how to make you feel comfortable.

“I’ve got another show called Trolling coming up next, which will look at bullying online and will be quite dark, so it will be something new for me to venture into as well.”

Trumpets And Raspberries, Chickenshed, Chase Side, Southgate, N14 4PE, until Saturday, March 4, 7.30pm, details: 020 8292 9222,