FLY-TIPPERS are to be slapped with greater fines after Enfield Council doubled its penalty charge rate.

The previous rate stood at £200, however, those littering Enfield’s streets will now face fines of £400.

Cabinet member for environment, Cllr Daniel Anderson, said: “Increasing the fine to £400 for those caught fly-tipping, not only brings us into line with the rest of London, but also gives out a strong, clear message that if we catch you trashing our borough, you will pay a harsh penalty for the privilege.

"The council spends £4.5million a year keeping the borough clean and residents are absolutely sick and tired of putting up with people who think it is okay to dump all manner of rubbish on our streets.

“It is not, and it is time for those responsible to pay the price.

“We are investing considerable time and effort into identifying and catching the people, who seem intent on undermining our beautiful borough.”

The increase was made possible as a result of new powers under the Deposit of Waste Regulations 2016.

Cllr Anderson added: “Quite simply, it is not okay to fly-tip or drop litter.

“There are plenty of legal ways of disposing of waste and we urge people to dispose of it in the correct, lawful way. It is either that, or pay up.”