A MAN was run over and killed by a bus in Palmers Green on Thursday afternoon.

Douglas Hill, 72, was on a pedestrian crossing at the foot of Aldermans Hill, close to the junction with Green Lanes, at 2.30pm when a double decker 121 service turning into the road struck him from the right.

Mr Hill, a Wood Green resident, was dragged along by the vehicle and fell under its wheels as the driver applied the brakes and brought the bus to a halt about 10 feet from the crossing.

Passengers from the bus joined a number of people who quickly gathered at the spot. Emergency services erected a tent while they brought Mr Hill from underneath the vehicle.

A police spokeswoman said that Mr Hill was declared dead at the scene.

Eyewitnesses described the female driver's reaction in the accident's immediate aftermath.

A woman said: "I totally feel for the driver. She was sitting with her head in her hands and looked like she was having convulsions."

Another woman called Anna, who works in a small fashion shop about 50 yards up Aldermans Hill, raised questions over the safety of the crossing.

She said: "It is dangerous. I have seen some accidents there. Something should be done about it."

Surrounding roads were closed for up to four hours after the incident while emergency services carried out their work. The bus remained at the scene during this period.

Police are keen to speak with passengers on the bus at the time of the accident and other people who witnessed it. Call the Accident Invest-igation Unit on 8597 4874.