Take a journey along the famous Yellow Brick Road this festive season, as Chickenshed, in Chase Side, Cockfosters, is presenting its heart-warming Christmas show called Adventure To Oz.

Based on the 1900 American children’s novel, The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz by L. Frank Baum, Chickenshed’s artistic director, Lou Stein, has adapted his books into an adventure which features an array of familiar faces, including Dorothy, The Scarecrow and The Tin Man.

However there were also new faces, including Ojo The Unlucky Munchkin (Sebastian Gonzalez), who is the main character of the story and learns that luck is not a matter of who you are, or what you have, but what you choose to do.

He embarked upon a quest to release his uncle from an enchantment that turned him to stone and brought along a new friend, Patchwork Girl (Belinda McGuirj), who had a powerful singing voice.

There was also a character called The Woozy, who was spooked by the phrase “Krizzle-Kroo” and breathed fire whenever he was provoked by one of the ensemble cast members, who were also known as the Munchkins, Hoppers and Horners.

The songs were catchy and the dance routines were simple but impressive, particularly as the younger children added a great deal of enthusiasm in the choreography.

The most interesting part of the show was the performer at the side of the stage who translated Adventure To Oz into sign language. Charlotte Moulton-Thomas was the director of sign language and this particular Christmas show was the twelfth she had been involved with. Having never been to a theatre show where there was a special effort to include those who struggle with their hearing or sight, I was often more drawn in awe to watching the signers interpret the musical at the side of the stage, rather than the main show itself.

Chickenshed’s shows are never disappointing. The theatre company, which has been putting on productions for 40 years, prides itself on being inclusive to people of all walks of life in the community and realises that every young person should have the chance to explore their creativity on stage.

So, if you are struggling to think of ways to keep your children entertained over the Christmas period, why not treat them to a tale that is feel-good and filled with a strong moral message for its young audience.

Adventure To Oz, Chickenshed, Chase Side, Cockfosters, N14 4PE, until January 7, 1.30pm, 3pm, 5.30pm and 7pm, details: 020 8292 9222, Chickenshed.org.uk