A disgraced councillor has been given a second suspended prison sentence.

Cllr Nesimi Erbil, Labour representative of Lower Edmonton ward, appeared at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court on September 22 charged with careless driving and a public order offence.

He was found not guilty of the driving charge, but was convicted on the other count and given a six-week sentence, suspended for a year.

Erbil was fined £345 and ordered to pay £700 in court costs and charges.

According to his solicitor, Ozlem Cetin, Erbil had been driving into Edmonton when he felt he had been followed by a man on a motorbike “for some distance”.

When he stepped out of his car outside the shop, he had an altercation with the motorcyclist, and asked him why he had followed him. The motorcyclist had felt threatened and called the police.

Ms Cetin said they are considering an appeal against the conviction, and have 21 days to do so.

Erbil is already suspended from the Labour party after being convicted of fraud in September 2014.

Erbil, a taxi driver, was found to be driving with a fake “all London” green taxi licence – when he was only entitled to drive his cab in Enfield, Haringey, Waltham Forest and Hackney.

He was fined £580 and given eight points on his licence, as well as a four-week suspended prison sentence.

Cllr Achilleas Georgiou, deputy council leader, said Erbil’s future will be decided by the national Labour party rather than at a local level

He said: “Cllr Erbil has not sat on the benches with the Labour councillors since 2014, since his first conviction.

“The national party will no doubt look at his recent case and advise us on what action to take.”

Cllr Terry Neville, leader of the opposition Conservative group, called for Erbil’s resignation.

He said: “His position is untenable; it is utterly disgraceful.

“Irrespective of what the law says, he is an elective representative of people in the borough, and he has got two serious convictions in just two years.

“If Labour had any decency, they would remove him from his position.”

Councillors can only be automatically disqualified if they receive a three-month prison sentence.