French Chanteuse Anne Pigalle is declaring to the world that she is Not Dead in her latest exhibition at G511ERY, in Seven Sisters Road this weekend.
The Paris born singer, poet and painter, who describes herself as a multimedia artist, moved to London in the early 1980s and released an album of torch songs before seemingly disappearing into thin air.
However, she spent most of the 90s in LA developing art performance, which blends her punk sound with her visual pieces of self-portrait polaroids and amérotic poetry filled soirées (amérotic means soul in French).
Now settled in Islington, she wants to make a comeback and in 2013, she released her Madame Sex Art CD, which is made up of a collection of erotic and surrealist poetic vignettes and each CD cover was painted individually.
Her latest exhibition, Not Dead, is a pop up show all about the spirit of the people who believe in and stand for a worthwhile sentiment of a civilized society, the spirit to fight and save our right to a human life.
Anne explains: "My friend runs the gallery and it is great to be able to do something fresh and avante-garde in the little space that is there.
"My mother died quite recently so the whole show is dedicated to her, as well as the fact that a lot of culture is disappearing in these areas in London.
"A lot of old cinemas and theatres are closing so my exhibition is about trying to maintain the spirit of the area and will feature paintings, performance and lots of other things for people to see."
She describes her photography and paintings as being influenced by the different burlesque and cabaret scenes in London, with her music following a theatrical style.
She credits her upbringing for shaping her artistic outlook, as her father was a jazz musician and introduced her to the smooth sound of Jean "Django" Reinhardt and as a teenager, she played guitar in a girl-band and hung out with punk musicians in Paris.
Anne says: "When I was in school in Paris I loved punk, such as The Sex Pistols and so when I came to London, it was very exciting.
"Growing up, I was surrounded by beautiful, traditional art and although the artists are all dead now, their spirit lives on in their work.
"As a child, you don't really understand it but when you get older, you realise just how amazing the art scene is over there.
"One day my creativity just burst out of me and over time, I started to combine both the visual and sound elements of my music, as a lot of the words I write are also on my paintings, so all my work is linked."
Anne is hoping to spread her message beyond her exhibition and is set to release new music that pushes boundaries.
She says: "I've recorded a new album but it hasn't been released yet as it is going to be a big album and I'm looking for the right promotion for it
"I want to go back to when the artist was creative as a person and all about self-expression, rather than it all being about money and business. There are so many important and iconic buildings around London and it is important not to let them be forgotten about and replaced.
"When you're not in the mainstream, it is often really hard to be noticed and I don't want to look or be the same as everyone else because art is supposed to make your life interesting. It'd be great to start something new in the area."
G511ERY, Seven Sisters Road, Tottenham, N15 6EP, Friday August 12 to Sunday 14, 6pm. Details: