A series of concerts at risk of cancellation have been saved thanks to hard working volunteers and the generosity of local business.

The Friends of Hilly Fields Park have put on free concerts every summer since 2001 after the restoration of the bandstand in the Clay Hill park, with financial help from Enfield Council’s Residents Priority Fund.

However, due to the squeeze from central government, the council cut the funding and has begun charging for use of the bandstand for the first time, putting the concerts in jeopardy.

But the Friends have earned a lottery grant and sponsorship from two Enfield businesses, James Hayward estate agents and Metaswitch communications.

Helen Greenfield, secretary of the Friends of Hilly Fields Park, said they also have more volunteers on board than ever, meaning the first concert will go ahead as planned on June 26.

She said: “Concerts have run for years and years, we did not think it would be the end this year even when the funding went but we knew it would be a lot harder to organise.

“It was definitely a worry when we first heard, we were planning it as if it was going ahead as normal, while trying to get money for it every day.

“Every resident I have spoken to really enjoys the concert, and we now have a lot of volunteers – a couple of years ago they were at risk because of a lack of people helping, which is why I got involved.

“I can understand why the council had to cut the money, they have to make savings, although I am a little disappointed with the charge for the bandstand, it is a community asset.

“There are a lot of people who should be thanked – the committee have worked very hard to make sure that this goes ahead.”

The first concert, a swing band from Enfield, will perform on June 26. All concerts held by the Friends of Hilly Fields Park are free.