A left-wing political group hoping to get people “inspired” by politics has launched its Enfield branch.

Momentum, which began as the campaign to get Jeremy Corbyn elected as Labour leader, will hold its first meeting in Edmonton on  March 21.

Major union figures will be attending, including Matt Wrack of the FBU, Ian Hodson of the BFAWU, and Momentum National Steering Committee member Jon Lansman.

Delia Mattis, chairman of the Enfield group, said she wanted to make sure people knew their policies and objectives from the horse’s mouth, rather than relying on the national media.

She said: “Labour party membership in Enfield has already doubled, but large numbers of people are not attending the meetings – we want to get those people enthused by politics, which is why Momentum groups have sprung up everywhere.

“I have been inspired by Jeremy Corbyn, and now I want people to be inspired by politics – politics is transforming, it now starts in the community.

“Being a Corbynite does help, our aim is to strengthen Labour under Corbyn, but it isn’t a necessity.

“People who I speak to in my community do not think I am some kind of communist, Trotskyite or have any sort of ulterior motive; there are some negative media stories, but really there is not a lot behind it.

“I am really excited; the possibilities are endless.”

The first meeting of Momentum Enfield will take place on Monday, March 21, between 8pm and 10pm, at Broadhouse, in Fore Street.