CAMPAIGNERS angry at Cycle Enfield’s Green Lanes section have accused their opposition of spreading “unsubstantiated claims and lies”.

Save Our Green Lanes and Enfield Residents’ Association published a letter responding to another letter sent to London’s mayor Boris Johnson by the Enfield Cycling Campaign (ECC) and We Support Mini-Holland (WSMH) groups.

ECC and WSMH said opponents of the scheme had waged a “negative campaign based on a lack of evidence, at best, and blatant misinformation at worst”.

They encouraged Mr Johnson to continue to support the Cycle Enfield scheme, despite Enfield Southgate MP David Burrowes claiming funds should be withheld due to a lack of backing for the project.

However in their response, Save our Green Lanes said their attempts to move the route from the current plans – through Green Lanes and Winchmore Hill – have been supported by local businesses.

They wrote: “Given that Cycle Enfield has consistently promoted a positive spin on the proposals based on no credible quantitative evidence this is perhaps one of the most insulting pieces of disinformation.

“We have consistently stated that we are not against cycle lanes, we are against the A105 cycle route, for numerous reasons including harm to the local economy.

“David Burrowes has acted entirely independently of SOGL - the public meetings held by him were entirely organised by his office, and he invited London Borough of Enfield to participate in each one. They declined to do so.”

They also said they are sceptical of claims that air quality will be improved by Cycle Enfield and more people will be encouraged to use bikes rather than cars or public transport.

They wrote: “There are at least two reasons for believing a five per cent ‘modal shift’ from car to cycle to be unlikely.

“First, TfL’s own research shows that most of the modal shift comes from passengers giving up bus (not car) journeys in favour of cycles.

“Second, even in inner London, where use of a bike for commuting is far more feasible than in the outer boroughs, a five per cent shift from cars to cycles has yet to be achieved.”

In response, Clare Rogers from Enfield Cycling Campaign said: "The Cycle Enfield plans are badly needed for all the reasons we outlined in our letter to the Mayor, including air pollution, public health and children’s well being.

"Enfield’s roads are currently designed exclusively for motorised traffic, and this has to change if we want to create healthy, people-friendly places to live.

"It’s a pity that Save Our Green Lanes has run such a destructive, fear-based campaign, instead of working constructively with the council to shape the scheme.

"We are pleased that Boris Johnson has confirmed that he will not withhold any funds from Cycle Enfield, and we look forward to the borough-wide implementation following the council’s full consultation process."