NEIGHBOURS say the noise, constant swearing and lights shining up from a football pitch at the bottom of their gardens has made their lives a “misery”.

People in Lathkill Close, Bush Hill Park, tried to block Powerleague from building a pitch in Great Cambridge Road last year.

But now they say their greatest fears have been confirmed and what used to be a “peaceful” area has been destroyed.

Father-of-two Mike Boskov say his eight-year-old son and 15-year-old daughter struggle to go to sleep while games are being played at night.

The 49-year-old said: “I earned this house to build my family in and I feel like that’s been taken away from me. I would consider moving over this because it’s a nuisance.

“Football is not a quiet came, all we hear are excitable cries and the sound of men swearing on the pitch.

“We were absolutely appalled when this was proposed. We knew this was going to happen.”

Gary Graham moved into Lathkill Road 28 years ago and said it was once a “lovely” area.

But he says the noise now drifts into his house and his son, who is studying to become an accountant, is unable to find a peaceful place to study.

The 56-year-old added: “When adults play all you can hear is the most deafening sound of them shouting and swearing. It’s frustrating – it’s made our lives a misery.

“I’ve got double glazing and I can still hear it. I won’t be able to use my garden again in the summer. I have nothing against Powerleague, but this is ridiculous.”

Neighbours approached Powerleague with their concerns and ‘noise assessors’ visited.

Mr Graham added: “They said they’d replace the whistles but it still feels like they are riding roughshod over us.”

Monica Hart said: “The footballers use bad language and the lights are blurring. When I open my doors I can hear it, when I open my windows I can hear it.

“I don’t want to be forced out of my house, why should I be? I fear I will have to lock myself in over summer.

“The lights are blurring and they use very bad language. It’s stressing me out.”

Officers at Enfield Council said they take the residents' concerns "extremely seriously" and have spoken to Powerleague's bosses about them.

A spokesperson said: "Powerleague have received planning permission for the use and we are working actively to ensure Powerleague comply with conditions and provide appropriate mitigation.

"Ward councillors have already arranged a meeting between themselves, officers and residents to discuss this matter and further meetings are planned in the coming weeks.

"In addition to visiting residents homes to see the issue first hand we have held discussions with Powerleague to find a way of reducing the disruption caused to local people."

Catherine Rees, who works for Powerleague, said: "Our new pitches at Edmonton County School have been received positively by players and are proving particularly beneficial to both the school and local children, providing convenient access to high-quality sporting facilities.

"We are committed to being a good neighbour and as part of the original planning application we presented full lighting and noise assessments for the facility.

"Representatives from Powerleague recently met with residents, heard their concerns and as a result we are conducting further tests which will be independently reviewed by council officials.  

"In the meantime, we have taken the decision to introduce a range of measures, beyond those we are required to do, in order to make further improvements.

"This includes action to reduce glare from the pitch floodlights, more landscaping, closing three pitches in proximity to the residents 30 minutes earlier than permitted, and the introduction of low tone whistles to minimise noise. We will continue to work with all those concerned."