An Enfield MP has written to the mayor of London asking that he withhold all money for a mayor cycling scheme.

David Burrowes, MP for Enfield Southgate, sent a letter to Boris Johnson asking that he does not provide the council with any money for the Cycle Enfield scheme.

Mr Burrowes said that the plans had lost a lot of support from political parties and the community alike, and that they should be discussed again before any money is given.

He wrote: “The council has published summaries of its impact assessments and met with the representatives of residents, businesses and other stakeholders. A full council meeting has also taken place when a vote took place in relation to the cycle lane scheme. It is now apparent that unlike the time of the original bid there has been a significant loss of community, stakeholders and cross party political support. 

“I am formally requesting on behalf of a clear majority of my constituents that you do not at this stage approve the next tranche of £5.9m capital funds, so that further engagement can take place with residents and businesses.

“Given the circumstances, it is reasonable for engagement to take place before expenditure on the statutory consultation phase. It will also enable a wider consideration of the scheme in conjunction with the progress of the Enfield Town scheme.”

Mr Burrowes made his feelings clear on the Cycle Enfield project in a statement submitted to a council meeting on February 10.

In it, he said he could see no evidence of Cycle Enfield having a positive impact on Enfield’s high streets or being value for TfL’s money.

He also accused the council’s consultation on Cycle Enfield of being open to manipulation and distortion of numbers supporting or opposing the scheme”, claiming that less than 1,000 of his constituents had responded.

The MP claimed to have conducted his own survey of 17,000 residents – with 2,828 people responding.

In response to the question “Do you support the overall proposals for the A105 cycle lanes scheme?”, only 462 people (17.71 per cent of responses) said yes, with 1,973 people (75.62 per cent) saying no.

He said at the meeting: “My primary involvement in Cycle Enfield has been to ensure that this significant investment is based upon significant engagement with my constituents, both residents and businesses, which leads to broad public approval and clear evidence of a positive economic and environmental impact.

“There is neither sufficient public approval nor is their evidence of positive impact upon the A105 high streets to provide the value for money of TfL's investment. It is disappointing that the Council has now ignored and dismissed the basis of the original bid which was successful, which was community, stakeholder and cross party support.

“The Council should now listen to the majority and not proceed at this time. On behalf of my constituents I request that the Cabinet decision is deferred for at least a month. However if the Cabinet does proceed to seek the Mayor's approval I will be drawing this submission to the Mayor's attention.”

Cllr Daniel Anderson, Enfield Council cabinet member for environment said, “The decision made by Cabinet last week was lawfully made after a full debate, having considered all the consultation responses, all relevant assessments, the notes from the Partnership Board, the Project Board, the points made by Mr. Burrowes and those made on the night by those for and against the scheme.  This decision included carrying out further statutory consultation, which offers further opportunity for engagement – as proposed by Boris Johnson in his letter to the Leader of the Council on 21 January 2016.

“We continue to work closely with the Mayor’s office on a scheme that he described in the same letter as having the ‘potential to revolutionise cycling in the borough whilst benefitting the wider community and business locally.’ ”