Regulars are “disappointed” their favourite pub has been put up for sale.

Drinkers at The Picture Palace, in Lincoln Road, Ponders End, are concerned the next buyer may close the pub or even demolish the whole place after current owners JD Wetherspoon put it on the market this month.

The building has been around since 1913 and was previously a picture house and dance hall called “The Howard Hall.”

It stood empty for a number of years but was transformed into a “popular” pub by JD Wetherspoon in 2001.

Julie House, 54, of Enfield Lock, is worried that the building may be knocked down by the next buyer.

She said: “I’ve known this place my whole life and it is very sentimental to me.

“I had my school prom in this building, while it was still a dance hall and I remember there was a stage built with a band.

“The place is very beautiful and we just wish we knew how to help keep it open.”

Bill Valler, 75, of Brimsdown, has been a shareholder in JD Wetherspoon since the 1980s and was “pleased” to see one of his favourite watering holes being taken over by the company.

He believes it “won’t be the same” if it is turned into a different establishment.

He said: “I’m disappointed the pub is being sold, as we come here four nights a week and will miss it if it goes.

“It just has such a good community atmosphere and there are no other pubs in the area that provide such quality at reasonable prices.”

Mark Valler, 54, of Ponders End, said: “When they took this pub over it was dilapidated and so it is a shame to let it go after putting so much effort and investment into it.”

James O’Connell has been a regular at the pub for 12 years, after moving to Enfield from Ireland.

He said: “The whole Wetherspoon empire was originally built on listening to customers and now the customers at this pub are speaking up, hoping to be heard.

“The company created a community within the Picture Palace and now they are just going to take it away from us.”

Enfield Independent:

Eddie Gershon, a spokesman for Wetherspoon said: “The Picture Palace is one of a number of Wetherspoon pubs that is up for sale.

“We appreciate our customers’ loyalty over the years and understand that they are disappointed with the decision to sell it.

“The pub has not yet been sold and will continue to run as a Wetherspoon pub until that happens.

“If the pub is sold all staff will be offered jobs at other Wetherspoon pubs or might wish to remain with the new owners.”