A man who is battling a series of mental health problems fears being attacked on the streets after he was evicted.

David Hatt, of Palmerston Road, Enfield, was told Enfield Council would no longer pay for his housing costs as he is not “vulnerable enough”.

But the 28-year-old currently depends on medication to treat bipolar disorder, ADHD, borderline schizophrenia and severe depression.

He has been told to leave by the end of January but has nowhere to go.

He said: “I know I am just going to end up on the streets. I have lived on my own in the flat for six months and it is my sanctuary.

“I will deteriorate if it is taken away from me as I have nowhere else to go.

“If they had seen me in person they would have realised I am dependent on medication to function, but it also acts as a tranquiliser to help me sleep.

“If I am on the streets and in a deep sleep, who knows what could happen? I could get beaten up or robbed. I don’t feel like the council cares about that.”

“I have no money – only benefits – so I cannot save for a deposit for a flat because that amount goes towards my daily living costs, such as food.”

Mr Hatt was diagnosed with the illnesses in 2007 but says a council officer assessed his ability to work via the telephone.

He added: “They made a judgement there and then, based on my voice, but how were they to even know that was me on the phone?”

Mr Hatt, who grew up in care, is no longer in contact with his family and says he feels “completely alone”.

He added: “On the streets I cannot contact anyone and I’m going to be even more isolated than before.”

A spokesperson for Enfield Council said: “Mr Hatt approached the council for help after being asked to leave by his family.

“The council offered him emergency housing while a thorough investigation of his circumstances was undertaken.

“It is accepted that Mr Hatt has underlying medical conditions, however the council does not believe that these meet the threshold that requires the council to provide housing.”