The first sparkling wine made in London for centuries has been launched.

Made from grapes in Enfield, the Forty Hall Brut 2013 has been produced at Fort Hall’s community-run vineyard, in Forty Hill.

The grapes from the vineyard at Forty Hill have been sent to wine maker Will Davenport, in Sussex to make the sparkling wine.

Made from organically grown Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay grapes – the three classic Champagne varieties - the wine will be ready to drink for Christmas and will continue to improve with ageing.

It is believed to be the biggest vineyard in London at least since the Middle Ages.

Vineyard manager Sarah Vaughan-Roberts has labelled the success as “a fresh milestone in the extraordinary success of sparkling wines in England, which now regularly win gold medals in international blind tastings against competition from Champagnes.”

Forty Hall Vineyard is partnered with Capel Manor College, which has supported the project from its inception.

As the first release, there is very low stock meaning it will not be going on public sale.

However, a second release of the 2014 vintage is expected to be available next year.

This will be offered through an £80 sponsorship package

“Following an excellent, high-yielding harvest from maturing vines this year, however, it is anticipated that the 2015 vintage FHV London Sparkling Brut will be available for sale to the public in autumn 2017.” Added the vineyard manager.