A controversial proposal to cut services at a popular museum has been dropped.

Plan by Enfield council to the Dugdale Centre, in London Road, Enfield Town, including scanning resources from the local studies centre and make them available online.

In addition making visits appointment only and trimming the museum space by closing the temporary exhibition area on the ground floor.

However, after mass disapproval from the public, the council has revised its plans.

The museum spaces in the ground and first floor of the Dugdale Centre will be continued as will drop in access to the Local Studies Centre.

However, appointments will still need to be made for those wishing to see a professional about the services.

The local studies centre will also be closed to the public on Mondays and Fridays “to enable staff to increase the amount of stock which is available digitally”.

Concerns had been raised about the changes to the centre, which saw more last year’s visitor numbers at 24,781.

Condemning the scheme, Conservative Councillor for Bush Hill Park Ward Erin Celebi, said: “I am glad that the Labour run Council has now backtracked on its plan to severely limit access to the Local Studies Centre.

“This ridiculous plan should not even have been proposed, showing that the Council simply does not listen to local residents.

“How much did this unnecessary consultation cost the Enfield taxpayer? We were lining up to tell them it was a bad idea, something anyone who truly cares about Enfield’s local history should have realised in the first place.”

Ann Symonds, who regularly visits the Dugdale Centre, is still sceptical about the changes.

She said: “It is good the council has made a u-turn on its original plans but those seeking help from a professional in the centre will still have to make appointments.

“We have some way to go. My fears about the centre are still present - we need to ensure information is accessible to everyone.”

Enfield Council’s cabinet member for education, children’s services and protection, Cllr Ayfer Orhan, said: “I am delighted to announce that we will be continuing the Local Studies Centre and providing enhanced digital services as well.

“Taken together the new service will be able to meet customers’ needs now and in the future whilst managing within the very limited resources made available to us.”