The legacy of supernatural happenings in Enfield lives on and you can be part of it.

Local duo Pierce Tomlinson and Prince Bibbon and their film company Pierce Films are preparing to film new series Lorelei in the borough, which they have written and also star in.

Based on a German Folk Tale about a siren, the horror fantasy also draws heavily on the story of Jack the Ripper and his victims and is based in 1888 and 2015.

The filmmakers already have their cast, which includes Neil Harget, Chloe Tomlinson, Charmaine Wohlmann, Chloe Moss, George Russen, Albertas Muradian, Natalie Layla and Marley the dog, and are planing to start filming in Gunpowder Park in early January

But they are still hunting for production crew to assist on set and have put a call out to the community.

If you are interested email