An intimate documentary about the shooting of Mark Duggan will be screened next month as part of the BFI London Film Festival.

The Hard Stop reveals the story, away from all press coverage, of Mark's friends and family following his death. The Tottenham resident was shot and killed in a ‘hard stop’ police procedure in Ferry Lane on August 4, 2011, sparking the most violent riots in British history.

For 28 months, director George Amponsah (The Fighting Spirit) filmed around Broadwater Farm in Tottenham, where Duggan grew up, capturing his family’s distress and focusing on two of his best friends, Marcus Knox and Kurtis Henville.

The film follows the men closely as they attempt to get on with their lives, look for a job, talk about the discrimination they experience on a daily basis and the impact Duggan’s death has had on the community. Duggan is present throughout, in peoples’ testimonies and news broadcasts.

Mr Duggan had been under surveillance as part of Operation Trident which targeted gun crime and following his death questions were raised about whether or not the police could have seized the gun before the incident occurred.

In March this year a report from the Independent Police Complaints Commission has said that the operation which resulted in the shooting of the unarmed father-of-four was “appropriate” and there was no misconduct or “wrongdoing” by any armed officer on that day.

The Hard Stop will be screened as part of the BFI London Film Festival at Vue7 on Saturday, October 17 and at the Ritzy on Sunday, October 18. Details: 020 7928 3232,