A charity group has launched an investigation into a trust that runs a part of the borough.

The Charity Commission is probing Enfield Island Village Trust after complaints of poor management and trust funds being at risk from trustees.

The trust describes its work as an organisation that aims to improve the quality of life for residents, visitors and homeowners at Enfield Island Village.

The regulator started looking into the trust in February 2014 after receiving complaints about whether there were any validly elected trustees.

Concerns were also raised over the possible risk to charity funds, and whether certain decisions taken, which involved charitable funds, were taken properly.

The regulator has now appointed Paul Ridout and Con Alexander as joint interim managers of the charity.

A formal action plan requires Enfield Island Village Trust to hold elections in May.

However, those currently involved in the administration of the charity failed to comply fully with the requirements, while the conduct of the elections and complaints received about the process left concerns.

Joan Ryan, MP for Enfield North, which covers the estate, said she had been flooded with concerns about the village and said it is right the charity commission had stepped in.

She said: “A number of concerns had been raised by constituents so I felt it necessary to write to the commission to look into the trust.

“The commission has appointed people to run the trust while all the formal investigation takes place. It is the right thing to do and we must now await the outcome but transparency is the most important thing.”

The commission will investigate the validity of appointed trustees and whether charity funds are at risk.

It will also look at the future of governance arrangements for the charity and consider whether there has been any misconduct.

The Charity Commission will publish a report in due course.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, Enfield Island Village Trust, the subject of this article, is not to be confused with RSA Trust and RSA Island Village Ltd, which are different entities.