Hundreds of furious people have rallied together to campaign against possible plans to build a school and 300 homes on green belt land.

Those living on Cotswold Way and Enfield Road, have been left outraged by plans from housing company Fairview to transform the tranquil green space and claim it would be a “disaster” if proposals went ahead.

The land is owned by the Diocese of London who entered into an agreement with Fairview Homes in 2010 to manage the land on their behalf.

However, fears were sparked after Fairview began soil testing the land and has led to a campaign being launched by those who back onto the site.

Maria Turner, who has helped to lead the campaign against the possible development, said: “This would be a travesty for the area.

“This area is already saturated with schools and houses, people will not be able to get out of their homes in the morning if homes and a new school is built.”

Residents claim they received leaflets from the housing group on the new proposals and now fear for the future of the green belt land.

Last November, the site was described as an "area of special character" by Enfield council and has been the home of several horses and has an ancient hedgerow.

Sam Elborn, who lives on Cotswold Way, told the Enfield Independent that people would move from the area if more than 300 homes are built as planned.

She said: “If this bit of green belt goes, what is there to stop other bits falling to the same fate. This is a crucial part of Enfield and there is a lot of nature that rely on the site.

“We have had hundreds of people support this and we want to raise awareness of the potential loss of green belt land, it would lead to people moving away from Enfield.

"It is teeming with nature, we have seen owls and all sorts. This would be destroyed by housing."

Councillor Glynis Vince, of Highlands ward, added: “I cannot support this application. We need to preserve our green belt land in Enfield and people in this area feel very passionately about this.”

More than 110 people attended the launch of the campaign this morning as the residents look to set up an online petition against the plans.

A spokesperson from Fairview New Homes Ltd said: “We understand that there is an immediate concern from residents regarding the potential development proposals for the site, and we remain committed to working closely with residents to address them.

“We will be holding our first set of public exhibitions in September, details of which will be circulated in the coming weeks. These exhibitions will explain the opportunities for the site in greater detail, and give local people a chance to leave their feedback, ask questions about the proposals and discuss any further issues they have, such as transport, with members of the project team.

“We will keep the local community fully informed of our plans for the site as they progress.”