The hunger to win has turned a nine-year-old into a chess prodigy.

Jacob Yoon, of Bush Hill Park, already has his GCSE maths grade, something he achieved at just eight years old.

An IQ of over 150, the nine-year-old is now hoping his chess exploits can see him play for England in the game.

Jacob says he “loves to win” and recently the chess whizz came runner-up in the national chess championships for the under nines.

Jacob's mother Stephanie said: “He gets his competitiveness from his father, even from a young age, if it was not a game, he would not be interested. But if it was a game or competition he would be so driven to win.

“First it was memorising flags, then capital cities, then football teams and now chess. He is so driven and it’s amazing to watch.”

The family tour around the country playing in tournaments as well as playing for Enfield Chess Club, where he has beaten players 30 years his senior.

Mrs Yoon added: “The more experienced players don’t like it when someone a lot younger beats them. We have seen it before when they have refused to play.”

A proud mother, Mrs Yoon hopes her son can achieve his “full potential” in the chess world and represent his country.

She said: “We just want the best for him. Playing for England would be amazing for Jacob, some of his friends have already represented them too but playing does not come cheap.

“He has watched videos on YouTube on how to beat opponents and strategy. I have no idea how to play but he’s only been playing two-and-a-half years and he’s already at a national standard.”