An inventor believes he has come up with an environmentally-friendly solution to help solve poverty in the form of a barbecue.

Josh Perkins, of Oatlands Road, Enfield, has patented his own barbecue, which he believes is completely unique.

The coal-fuelled barbecue is made from steel and has a leaver which enables the grill to move up away from the fire or down closer to it, depending what is being cooked.

The debonair inventor said: “I was watching a programme about Africa and there was this lady bending down to her pot and it looked like it was causing her so much pain.

“That is when I came up with this idea. The barbecue is at a high level and you can cook anything on it. You can even have your stew in the pot on there and I guarantee no other coal barbecue can do that.”

Mr Perkins also said the barbecue is ozone friendly and stands out from the gas barbecues.

The contraption also has an umbrella fitted to it to allow someone to cook on the barbecue in all weather.

He said: “The telescopic adjustment on the barbecue is what I have the patent on and I genuinely believe this can be a great hit with all barbecue enthusiasts, scout groups and then internationally.

“It is low maintenance, all you need is some coal and a lighter and away you go. It has taken me five years to get to this stage.”

Mr Perkins hopes his invention can inspire others as well as show the world that “Enfield can continue to be creative.”