An overgrown tree could be the cause of "serious crime" according to those who live close to it.

The tree has blocked half of a footbridge between St Edmunds Road and Chatsworth Drive, Edmonton, that passes over a train track and people living in the area have become concerned for their safety.

Peter Fletcher, of Galliard Road, now meets his daughter before getting to the footbridge as she walks home from school fearing for her safety.

He told the Enfield Independent: “This overgrown tree has been left like this for weeks and nothing is being done.

“As people walk down the steps coming into St Edmunds Road, the tree blocks site of anyone coming round the corner, anyone could jump out from there.”

Mr Fletcher claims the tree has not been touched in over a month and is concerned that the longer the situation goes on, the more likely it is an incident will happen.

He added: “The other side there is no problem but I know a lot of schoolchildren and elderly use this footbridge, and when people find out there is a spot to hide and leap out on someone, it will cause all kinds of problems.

“I cannot let my daughter walk over that footbridge. She played a joke on me once and jumped out from the overgrown tree, which proved the point that anyone could do this.”

Hilary Whitbread, 75, who has used the footbridge all her life, claimed the bridge has been overgrown in the past.

She said: “Things have happened here before when trees have overgrown, but usually they are pretty well maintained.

“The footbridge is a key part of how I get to and from places. If I fear for my safety then I cannot use the bridge and that means an important cut through has been lost and at my age, walking twice as far will have its strains.”

Mike St Vincent, whose home backs onto the footbridge, added: “The council gated the space between our homes and the footbridge but there is an issue here. Generally this area is not too bad but we do not want people to become a victim of mugging or worse.”

An Enfield council spokesperson said: “We’d like to thank the Enfield Independent for bringing this to our attention, an officer will inspect the tree and then determine what action is necessary and appropriate.

"I'd like to reassure the public that we take their safety seriously and would therefore encourage residents with any similar concerns to contact us."