I read with some concern about the recent robberies of young people in Enfield Town park, the situation regarding the anti-social behaviour at Ponders End park, and then not so long ago the arson attacks in Groveland’s Park.

I can’t believe what has happened to the places we used to go as kids. I remember years ago, the park rangers, or ‘parkies’ as we affectionately knew them, kept an eye on us and how many of us heard the phrase ‘parkie’s coming’?

I’m fairly sure this sort of behaviour never took place back in my day as we came from an era before computer games and satellite television.

We loved the parks, it was where we could go and play. My mum used to let us off the leash on our bikes, or skateboards which was the fad in the early 70s, and we never used to go home until tea time.

I cringe at memories of me walking round Bush Hill Park with my bog-standard skateboard and my crash helmet and pads on, but we had fun and we were safe, to an extent. I don’t think the same can be said for today’s youngsters.

We have seen serious youth violence in Albany Park and stabbings in Pymmes Park, and as I am writing this I am reading on social media about another robbery in Groveland’s Park.

As far as I can remember, it’s almost ten years since the Conservative council, as Enfield was then, did away with the park ranger service. I just wonder if any consideration should be given to reintroducing the service? This would free up police who patrol parks to actually patrol the streets, as we all want.

I want my grandchildren to enjoy the parks as we did when we were young and not face the threat of being robbed or beaten up.

Rick Jewell

Hoe Lane, Enfield