I would like to address some misconceptions peddled by the opposition about Enfield council’s purchase of Sloeman’s Farm and their seeming inability to grasp why this transaction is in the best interests of residents and the borough (‘Council denies claims it plans to build on £3m farmland’, Enfield Independent, June 10).

This is a sensible, proportionate and astute response to austerity, which will safeguard the land while making a financial contribution to the council.

Rather than attempt to work with us to improve the quality of residents’ lives, our opposition instead act as the prophets of doom, when they should be recognising our efforts as an entrepreneurial council, which is finding new and innovative ways of tackling the problems the Government keeps saddling us with – primarily a lack of money but increasing requirements on us.

If the opposition had bothered to do their research, they would know that Enfield council is already one of the biggest owners of green belt land in the borough, which they never questioned when in power, and this is a natural addition to the portfolio. By having the land in public use we ensure that its use is a public decision not a private decision and we have better control over its future.

The property has been financed through normal capital sources for the council and does not expose residents or the council to any financial risk whatsoever. We expect income from the farm to outweigh any interest costs to fund its purchase and its value was independently assessed by external agents.

We have been recognised nationally as an entrepreneurial council by the Local Government Chronicle earlier this year, which obviously agrees that we are doing something right. It’s just a shame the opposition can’t.

Doug Taylor

Leader of the council Labour/Ponders End ward Enfield council