Brian Bartram’s support for public transport (‘Use money to benefit whole community’, Opinion, June 10) is laudable – I rely on buses too, to get my children to school without using a car. But to scrap Cycle Enfield would not release public money for anything else. It’s ringfenced for cycling, and rightly so.

Good cycling infrastructure does not delay public transport. If anything the reverse is true, since more people on bikes means less congestion on the road for those in cars and buses.

Let’s get that infrastructure in place so the air our children breathe is not full of deadly pollution from traffic, so they can cycle to school and to see friends, and so they do not succumb to obesity, heart disease or diabetes as they get older – and then maybe they’ll have some chance of enjoying their 70s as much as Mr Bartram currently is.

Clare Rogers

Devonshire Road, Palmers Green