Children cannot play in the park and a street has become a no-go area after dark because of the power of a gang.
People are said to be "terrified" as the gang, known as Dem Africans, have become "kings of the street" on the estate in Bedevere Road and Galahad Road - within 500m of Edmonton police station.
Bilal Ahmed, who visits his partner in Bedevere Road, fears for the safety of people in the area and says people are terrified of the gang.
He said: "They have taken over the area and made themselves kings of the street, they have used the green space for their own. It’s terrifying for people round here.
"When I visit from Golders Green, I am always concerned about the number of people hanging around on the street, like they are ruling the place."
Mr Ahmed claims gang members have spray painted signs in the area with their mark and described regular scuffles between Dem Africans and the rival Get Money Gang, including a stabbing on the weekend of Saturday, May 24.
He said: "We saw something a few weekends ago where someone was stabbed, police were down here.
"It is just one thing after another round here. No children can play in the park on the estate past 4pm because it is taken over for the rest of the night."
According figures for the first four months of 2015, there have been 121 reported crimes in the surrounding area including 18 crimes in April in Bedevere Road alone.
A total of 29 of those crimes have been violent, with another 25 being anti-social behaviour.
A woman, who asked not want to be named for safety reasons, has lived in neighbouring Galahad Road since 1994 and said the gang has increased in size each year.
She said: "They dominate the area and it has been getting worse every year. We need urgent action from the police and the Government because resources are very thin.
"In the day time it is not so bad but come evening, it becomes a no-go zone for many people, things have to change soon before there is another stabbing."

Detective Inspector Chris Rixon of the Enfield Borough Gangs Unit said: "Gang related violence will not be tolerated. Enfield Borough has an enthusiastic gangs unit, working with partners, who are dedicated to disrupting any criminal activity and bringing offenders to justice."