Enfield North MP Nick de Bois says he is proud to have started an annual jobs fair.

Today's fair was the fourth the MP has held since winning the seat in 2010.

Initial predictions suggest it was the biggest yet with more than 780 people passing through the Southbury Leisure Centre doors.

More than 38 stalls were set out for companies ranging from McDonald's to Transport for London to offer advice and job opportunities.

The Enfield North MP said: “I am very proud to have established a regular positive jobs fair in which many people have come to and got jobs. We have seen a reduction in youth unemployment by nearly 50 per cent and overall unemployment down by 42 per cent.”

As well as the companies offering job opportunities, there was also an over 50s jobs forum area which gave advice to people over 50 on how to get a job.

Mr de Bois added: “Over 50s unemployment is still a real issue. Although it is falling there is still more to be done but this is certainly helping them on the right track.”

Anita Garrard, of Stanstead Airport, told the Enfield Independent she was “surprised” by the level of interest in the fair.

She said: “We could not believe how many suitable candidates put their name down to show interest in what we offered. We have had at least 100 people come to our stand and it has been non-stop all day.”

Jobseeker Ali Georgiou, 24, welcomed the assistance with er job hunt.

He said: “It is comforting to see so many opportunities are out there and have been put on show today. I hope that everyone can reap the rewards.”

Enfield Southgate MP David Burrowes added: “I have helped support Nick in his tireless work with the jobs fair and what is so refreshing about this year’s fair is the level of jobs on offer. We have seen a lot of advice leaflets given out but also a lot of job opportunities on show and that can only be good for the people in Enfield.”