A multi-million pound cycling scheme will be discussed with the people of Enfield in the New Year.

Enfield Borough Council was granted £30million by the Mayor of London after Cycle Enfield, formerly known as mini-Holland, was approved in March.

The scheme, one of three for outer London boroughs, aims to transform cycling in Enfield by increasing cycle routes on main roads and through parks and quieter streets, but some shop owners in Enfield Town fear they will lose passing trade from motorists.

Cabinet member for environment and community safety, Councillor Chris Bond, said: “Our proposals for Cycle Enfield are complex and sophisticated and we are taking the time to get them right before we formally engage with residents and businesses for their comments.

“We have attracted significant investment into our borough and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to revolutionise cycling in our borough.

“Enfield Council is absolutely committed to improve our cycling network, transforming our borough for residents and get more people on their bikes and Cycle Enfield will be integral to that process.”

The first roadshow for Enfield people to talk to planners took place on Thursday, December 4, in Enfield town centre.

Forthcoming work on the project will include carrying out parking, loading and town centre surveys in Enfield Town and along Green Lanes – London Road.

Cllr Joanne Laban, the Conservative group's environment spokesman, said: "Communication has been lacking from the council on this issue which has caused concerns within the community. We therefore welcome the start of the consultation process after Christmas and better communication so that everyone is clearer with regards to Cycle Enfield."

Meetings will start in late January and early February to update residents on developments since the funding announcement in March and more roadshows will be held in the coming months.